Ten Bag Tea Cup & Coaster


Ten Bag Tea. Cup & Coaster set.

You can’t be cool if you don’t drink your Ten Bag Tea in your Ten Bag Tea Cup, on your Ten Bag Tea Coaster! Tea tastes better from a metal cup in the same way milk tastes better from a glass bottle. Don’t delay grab yours today.

  • Better tasting tea. (See for yourself)
  • Ideal for fishing, camping and hiking.
  • Show all your friends how cool you are!
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If you love Ten Bag Tea (who doesn’t?)

Then why wouldn’t you want you very own, Ten Bag Tea, Cup & Coaster?

For only £12.50 you will get this awesome little set.

For those of you who don’t know. Ten Bag Tea only tastes its best when served in these little beauties.

As the saying goes: “You’re not cool if you’re not drinking your Ten Bag Tea, in your Ten Bag Tea Cup, on your Ten Bag Tea Coaster”

Who doesn’t want to be cool?

Order yours now!


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