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These oils do have trace and legal levels of THC in them. However some customers have requested products with ZERO THC. So we created our MCT Range also. Combining virgin hemp oil with CBD isolate and MCT. You have one of the purest, if not THE purest CBD Oil you can buy. We also add an extra filtering process to remove any trace amounts of THC. Eliminating concern for those who are sensitive to it. Or have to submit to regular drug testing for their employment.

MCT means Medium Chain Triglycerides. Which are a man made fat extract, which usually comes from Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Dairy Products. In our products it is Coconut Oil that is used. When MCT is added to CBD Oil, it allows a much higher concentration of CBD which in turn allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly. Having a much faster effect on the user.

We also have a range of Topical CBD Products. Our Pain Balm is manufactured with CBD and the purest carrier oils. Meaning it absorbs into the skin extremely fast and goes to work. It has shown to be effective with people suffering with arthritis, soreness, joint pain and various skin conditions. We also have our Bath Salts which in addition to being extremely relaxing for the user. They also have the ability to soothe itchy, flaky and painful skin problems. Giving relief to some who never thought possible.


CBD is derived from a plant in the Cannabis/Marijuana family. It does not come from any type of Cannabis/Marijuana that people use recreationally to get high/stoned. The type of Hemp, Sativa L has only tiny traces of THC. The cannabinoid within the Cannabis plant that results in a ‘high’. The levels in this hemp are below 0.2% THC. Which is the legal limit in the UK. Also rest assured at this level, our CBD oil products have absolutely NO hallucinatory or mind altering properties. But if you want to be 100% sure you can use our MCT Range which has absolutely ZERO THC.

CBD products are not intended to replace medication. Either prescription or store bought. We do not claim CBD to be alternative to any such medication. Always consult your doctor before using to make sure it is suitable for you!


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